Cowshed Uplifting Diffuser

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Red Mandarin, Bitter Orange and Grapefruit blend together in a natural citrus fragrance to create Replenish, the mood that sharpens the senses and leaves you feeling uplifted. Cowshed's commitment to natural products means that the fragrance is made of a blend of wildcrafted essential oils and organic botanicals.

Cowshed Replenish Uplifting Diffuser key features:
- Uplifting room diffuser with a zesty, fresh citrus fragrance
- Red Mandarin and Grapefruit essential oils
- Natural rattan reeds in an apothecary-style glass bottle
- Pure essential oils mean diffuser can last up to 3 months
- Suitable for vegetarians
- Used in every Soho House and Cowshed spa
- Made in England

The colour of the diffusers can vary and may appear darker than others on the market.

100% Natural Fragrance.


To enjoy your favourite Cowshed mood; place the bottle on a stable and level surface in an appropriate area, remove the stopper and insert the reeds. To refresh the fragrance all you need to do is turn the sticks upside down and place back in the bottle.

To achieve a subtle ambience we recommend turning the reeds once a week or for an intense kick of your chosen mood, turn more frequently. The larger the room the more often the reeds will need to be turned.